Blessed are the women

who reclaim their promise land,

for they will save money on therapy... and

have one heck of a good time on the way!  

-Cris Linnares

International Women’s Coach, Brazilian Psychologist, Midwest Messy Mom







Full of wholehearted connections, breakthrough & sassy samba steps - PS Promised Land is a fun and revolutionary wellness program - designed for busy women and female teams - who are ready to discover how FAITH & PSYCHOLOGY can offer practical and scientifically proven ways to shake off stress and RECLAIM the 3 missing P's in modern women's lives:  


In an era where we are being empowered to tap into our potential to “have it all”, “do it all” and be our “perfect best self”, the number of women dealing with stress, anxiety, lack of energy and libido is skyrocketing.

Developed by Cris Linnares, International Women's Coach, Brazilian psychologist, & Midwest Messy Mom - The PSpot uses cutting -edge psychology, REAL & RAW conversations, and Cris’s acclaimed movement therapy M.U.S.E (formerly Diva Dance) to bring women's health, life and relationships to the next level.

Get ready to reclaim your PLEASURE, unleash the PASSIONATE woman you were destined to be, and find your so deserving PEACE, in the midst of your busy vida loca... one booty shake at a time!



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Wellness Workshop

If you are looking for a life transformation wrapped in a fun night out with your girlfriends... join our half -day event!


The Passion Project

Are you ready to dive deeper into your purpose and reclaim your passion, pleasure & peace in your everyday life?


Wellness Weekend for Modern Women

It's time to move your way to a free, fun and fearless life... one booty shake at a time!


About the Founder

Cris Linnares is one of the most passionate voices for modern women’s wellness and empowerment.  Recognized by GLAMOUR Magazine as one of the “Hometown Heroes” of the United States, she is an International Women’s coach, Brazilian Psychologist and midwest messy mom of four.  

Founder of  the wellness program PS Promised Land   and creator of the movement therapy for modern women, M.U.S.E. Cris Linnares is also a certified Health and Emotional Coach from the International Coach Federation, Master Practitioner in the Neuro Linguistic Program and studied Cognitive Therapy at Harvard University.

A self proclaimed recovering perfectionist and atheist psychologist turned God’s groupie, her inspiring life story and pioneering work has been published in Shape, Marie Claire, FOX and Women’s Health.  She has brought her message of faith, fearlessness and fiesta to esteemed stages including two TEDx talks. 

Brazilian by birth, American by choice and International citizen by nature, Linnares’ life took a 180 when she said “tchau” to her passionate culture to marry her “Midwest Prince Charming” and move to one of the coldest places on earth... Fargo, North Dakota. (Loca? You Betcha!)

Besides the cultural and climate shock, Cris’s desire to “perfectly” “fit in” in her new life and role as a citizen, wife and mother turned her American Dream into a nightmare. She reached the point of not even wanting to speak at the dinner table for fear of messing up her English! She struggled with perfectionism, postpartum depression, obesity and chronic anxiety. 

She started on a mission to get her health and groove back. Most of what she could find in her field of “women’s empowerment”, including her own previous work, were resources that would help her to tap into her “power" or “secrets to have it all”. She had a hard time discovering ways to help her find the three missing P's in her life: passion, pleasure and peace.  

Today, Cris’s deepest desire with PS Promised Land Wellness Programs,  is to share how cutting edge psychology, faith and scientifically proven tools can help modern women to unleash their power without forgetting to reclaim pleasure for all they do, peace in all they have and passion for who they truly are, flaws and all! 





"I just couldn’t make the transition from ‘mom to lover.’ Cris helped me see myself in a whole new way, as a woman who could shed the June Cleaver image and channel my inner – Shakira!”

Nicole Phillips

Author of “Kindness is Contagious”, Former Fox News Anchor, & mom of three


“For so long I’ve been asking for forgiveness just for being ME... NOT ANY LONGER! I am inspired to make an impact in the world and live fun, fearless & free! Thank you so much Cris!”

Rachel Stone

Founder of the non profit P’s & Q’s Etiquette for girls empowerment


"Cris's message is necessary for every woman."

Dr. Joan Borysenko

P.h.D. in medical sciences from Harvard and New York,  Best Seller of “Minding the Body, Mending the Mind”




"I recommend Cris's workshop to any woman who wants to reconnect with her spirit and body in a playful, affirming atmosphere of deep acceptance."

Laura Lucas-Silvas

M.S., LPC, Psychotherapist







  • Take an in-depth look at what new psychology and neuroscience reveals about the power of the female brain to unleash passion, reclaim pleasure and find peace.
  • Experience the powerful benefits of M.U.S.E. -  Movement Therapy for Modern Women.  Discover how this mind-body-dance experience can shoot your energy and libido through the samba step at a time!
  • Cognitive therapy will reveal the “3P Words” (Patterns of Thought) that sabotage modern women. Surprise findings on how these patterns of thoughts can increase stress, decrease energy, confidence and libido.
  • Access to cutting edge research on how your “second brain” can impact your health, emotions, mood, and sensuality. Take home the PASSION DIET and discover foods to increase health, energy and libido! 



  • Discover benefits of Vitamin O - Oxytocin, the “Lover” hormone, designed to increase connection and secure a long-lasting passionate relationship.  Learn practical ways to increase extra doses in your daily life.
  • Access the ‘Brazilian Best-Kept Passion Secret’ to spice up your relationship - even after years of marriage, dogs and screaming kids!  (My grandma did too!)
  • Discover how social, cultural and religious beliefs can affect your body image, steal your ability to feel pleasure and destroy deeper intimacy.
  • Get a HUGE BOOST OF CONFIDENCE by learning practical tools to shed false beliefs, shame, judgment or regret.  No more fears, self-doubt, perfectionism, shame or insecurities, Amiga!



  • Get a FAITH LIFT and learn powerful and practical tools to let go of any false beliefs in the way of your peace of mind.
  • Learn how our modern lifestyle, social media and technology are affecting our ability to truly relax and be at peace.
  • Explore how faith and prayers can change the synapse of our brain and help us stop being people-pleasers and live a more purposeful and peaceful life.
  • We hope you will walk away with unforgettable memories, life changing insights and a continued connection with life-long soul sisters through our tribe on social media and future events. Our goal is to give you cutting-edge resources, an inspiring support system and practical tools to continue to reclaim your passion, pleasure and true peace in your everyday life…  One glorious mistake at a time!
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